Career Insurance for Risk Takers

Junto helps you de-risk your career by pooling your future earnings with your peers.

No Man is an Island

The world of work has changed. No longer can you hold a job for 26 years and retire financially safe. You have insurance on everything form your car to your health. Why not your career? Junto was created to help you and your friends invest in your mutual career success, and insure you in case of trouble.

Form a Junto

Invite your ambitious and trustworthy peers to get started.

Share the Wealth

Enter a mutual Income Sharing Agreement with your friends. Specify what percentage of your income will be shared, for how long, and an Income Milestone.

Win together

Once all members of the Junto clear the Income Milestone, total earnings will be distributed equally among members. Win-Win-Win-Win.

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In the meantime, check out this sample Junto agreement and try it out.


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Junto uses a new financial device called ISAs (Income Share Agreements). Starting a Junto means you are investing in you and your friends' future. In return, they take a share of your future gross annual income once you hit an Income Milestone agreed upon by all of you. If you earn zero, you pay zero. If you win, everybody wins.

The Income Milestone is the sum that each member of a Junto must hit to be eligible for their pool's disbursements. It protects members of a Junto from others free-loading on their earnings. It works like marginal tax rates and only affects how much you make above the threshold. Say your Junto chooses a $60k Income Milestone; if you make $80k a year, the total amount of your earnings from which the Junto can take their share is only $20k.

When you take out a loan, you pay it back through fixed monthly payments including interest based on a principal. ISAs have more flexible repayment terms and adapt to your financial standing, whether low or high. Because ISAs are based on your income and not on a fixed principal, if you make 0 you pay 0. But the beauty of ISAs is that they align the incentives between you and your friends. In a Junto, all of you are cross-invested in each other's success. Not so with a loan.

As long as you all want. It can be 5 years. It can be 15. Juntos exist only to amplify mutual improvement amongst people.

Mutual aid is as ancient as human culture and social clubs. Every social club worth its salt has members who pay dues. Think of your Junto as a social club you've created for yourself. With a Junto, all of you will be paying dues to each other to ensure your mutual improvement and success.

Let’s say you and two of your friends are entering pretty volatile careers (film, the arts, startups) and decide to form a Junto to de-risk each other. You agree to share 5% of your individual earnings and agree to an equitable disbursement of the earning to the tune of 33.3% each. If you make $500k, friend 2 makes $300k, and friend 3 makes $60k, then each of you will walk away with $14k from the pool of $43k.

Not quite. Currently you pay taxes to the government in exchange for services. However this redistribution happens at a large scale between people with no personal relationships. What's more, you don't even know where the money goes. But when you create a Junto, you are cross-invested in the success of others, incentivizing you to actually be a friend, a neighbor, or a fellow citizen. Too idealistic? Maybe. But if it works, what a world that would be.

Yes. You can create a Junto that accepts people with similar trajectories as you. You will be able to vet those people by looking at their profile and they will be able to do the same with you. If you both decide that you're a match, you will be included in the same Junto. Either one of you can leave at any time.

The sky is blue due to something called 'Rayleigh scattering'. Basically, light interacts with the air and scatters. However unlike normal scattering (like you would have with a light in a room), this scattering is proportional to the wavelength of the light. Hence higher frequency light (like blue light) is scattered more strongly, while the other colours tend to follow the path of normal sunlight!

"I'll tell you what. I'll trade some points with you. You want to trade some points? I'll give you 2.5% of 'Star Wars' if you give me 2.5% of 'Close Encounters.' So I said, 'Sure, I'll gamble with that. Great."

Steven Spielberg on his Income Share Agreement with George Lucas. His 2.5% eventually turned into $40 Million.

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